Viewpoint - Sub-Saharan Africa Improving Real Estate Transparency

JLL have just published their 2016 Global Real Estate Transparency Index which shows overall improvement in property market transparency across the region. Out of the 12 markets from the region included in the report, six have recorded reasonable progress in transparency. 

Kenya has maintained its position in the semi-transparent category together with the much smaller markets of Botswana, Zambia and Mauritius. Ethiopia, is among the top ten global improvers, but from a very low base. 

Technology is allowing SSA markets to speed up normal transparency improvements such as the digitisation of the Nairobi land registry together with online and mobile stamp duty payment systems. In Kenya a National Construction Authority to regulate construction firms has recently become operational also and several new Kenyan REITS are being assembled. All this bodes well for further improvements to the Kenya and other markets ALP operates in and we hope to contribute through our own organic data and research to further transparency improvements in develop the regional property markets. 

Click here for the complete GRETI 2016 report