Our Business is Warehousing


Multi-Tenant Units

Our clients have the freedom to select the location that is ideal for their business purposes. Africa Logistics Properties develops distribution parks that combine many advantages: vicinity of large industrial centers, aviation routes and a relatively dense population base.

The logistics centers comprise warehouse and office space, divided into optimal modules, which the tenant can freely combine and plan out. All the buildings are constructed according to the highest (grade-A) standard requirement and equipped with modern technical solutions. The parks are fenced and have 24 hours security.

The clients receive an attractive lease offer with the possibility of adjusting leased space (size, design, lighting, etc) to their individual needs. We offer flexible lease conditions, adjusted to client’s needs, as well as maximum space utilisation in terms of storage and individual care for the client during the lifetime of the contract. Africa Logistics Properties also offers the possibility to expand and optimise leased space as a tenant develops their activities. 

Developments and Build-to-suit

We deliver both speculative warehouse development for the occupier lease market and build-to-suit (BTS) where occupiers have specific requirements. A build-to-suit investment is a warehouse facility designed and constructed specifically for a dedicated user. 

BTS projects, in contrast to available speculative space, are highly flexible in terms of: 

  • Location - facilities can be developed on real estate tracts within our own land bank or on the client's own land.

  • Size - depending on the client's operating needs ALP can design and develop facilities from 5,000 sqm upwards.

  • Purpose – whether for a warehouse-sorting plant, light production or any other activity taking place on the real estate as the object of the investment, in keeping with the client's wishes we prepare and coordinate the technological and technical infrastructure used for operating processes.

The aim of the cooperation is the execution of an investment after assessing the specific needs of prospective tenant or tenants in order to maximize storage space, optimise production and adapt the space to the technical requirements of the conducted business (e.g. specialist technical space, conveyer belts, sorting devices, technological production lines, non-standard needs for electricity or specific location). 

The client has the possibility of shaping the space from the very beginning. Thanks to the BTS system the client defines the plans according to their own needs and the project can be executed exactly in keeping with their requirements. The tenant is able to create office or warehouse space modules, providing as much space as is needed, designed in a way that achieves the most efficient use of the space. The construction of BTS projects takes place in an optimal timeframe, adjusted to the type of project and the client’s preferences. 

Advantages of BTS Schemes

  • choice of convenient location and investment form

  • cooperation with a dedicated BTS team

  • savings in terms of investment and operating costs

  • consulting on the scope of optimising logistic processes

  • solutions adjusted to the client's industry profile

Property Management

The product we offer our client as a developer is not only high-standard space for lease, but also includes a package of professional management services.

The Property Management team focuses on managing existing facilities, as well as forecasting client needs and solving problems in the operation of the facility on a day to day basis. The key tasks fulfilled by the department consist of:

  • Technical maintenance of buildings and infrastructure - maintaining the appropriate condition of buildings, access roads to warehouses, conducting technical and maintenance checks in keeping with construction law, preparing operation and maintenance documentation of machinery as well as meeting the individual needs of tenants in order to ensure maximum user safety and machine efficiency;

  • Performing lease contract provisions - daily customer care arising under individually agreed lease contracts;

  • Financial settlements – Africa Logistics Properties is responsible for maintaining detailed financial documentation of the costs of the park's functioning and consumption of utilities. The documentation is accessible for tenants;

  • 24-hour security - access to the park is secured including procedures of admitting clients, employees or counterparties individually agreed with tenants and tailored to their needs;

  • Branding - Africa Logistics Properties enables customers to brand the facilities with their logos. The park's branding concept is executed in accordance with a coherent identification system, created by the our marketing department, which ensures the warehouses always look professional.

Sale and Leasebacks

Sale and leaseback financing is a form of financing in which a company sells its industrial property to Africa Logistics Properties for cash and simultaneously signs a long-term lease. Sale and leaseback transactions provide the lessee company with a source of capital that is an alternative to other financing sources such as corporate borrowing, commercial mortgage finance or selling shares. 

A company is able to convert the value of property assets into working capital it can use to pay down existing debt, fund acquisitions and reinvest in the core competencies of its business. The advantages of sale and leasebacks to a company are:

  • Immediate access to capital

  • 100% market value realisation of illquid assets

  • Potential to keep the transaction off balance sheet

  • Continued operational control of the facilities

  • Increased Return on Assets (ROA) and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)